Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sure Cuts Alot help!!!

Hey everyone-- well it is snowing here in MN. I did get outside early this morning in the cold to rake up some leaves in my flower beds that I had been putting off. Just finished up as the snow began to fall.

So now that the snow is falling, I put a pumpkin cake in the oven and was going to sit down and try out some new SVG files I found out at and Treasure Box Designs.

Now here lies the problem. I downloaded and unzipped the files all fine. I then imported the svg file into Sure Cuts A Lot.

NOW--I click the image to ungroup the pieces so I can move them on the mat to cut the different layers. But the ungroup button is grayed out not allowing me to separate anything.

I have been online looking for any solution to this for the last 90 minutes. I find several people have the same issue but do not see where anyone has provided a solution.

Has anyone out there had this issue and found a solution.

I have tried to trace the file and bring it in that way and still no option to ungroup.

I have scal 2.005

So Blogger friends, I am reaching out to you for some much needed help...


DIANA L. said...

I hope you find an answer soon You are way ahead of me I have not even done SVG files I had ordered some. I did not realize at the time they are no longer usable with cricut. Out of curiosity what machine are you using?
Did I let you know I got the stamp set All year round?

I have 2 giveaways going right now

scrappin2babygirls said...

Im not sure this will help you.. but when I've had similar problems in the past I've used Photoshop to make each their own file.. I know this doesnt help if you don't have Photoshop but thats the only way i've been able to make this sort of thing work. best of luck hope you find your answer soon :)