Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Check out this deal for all Cameo users

Just passing along this deal I came across over at Under a Cherry Tree- scroll down to read about how you can get a free voucher!

Pay only $18 to get $30 worth of downloadable designs from You can use the coupon code "visapromo" to take 10% off your order when using your VISA card, bringing down the price to $16.20 for $30 worth of designs!

Click here to buy your voucher!

You can get your voucher for free if you get three people to buy from your link. Once they have purchased using your link, Plum District will send you a refund.

After you have made your purchase, please post which link you have used and don't forget to post your own link which you will get from your purchase confirmation.

Once you get your three purchases and received your credit, please come back to update the others so that they too may get a chance at a refund. 

Good Luck!!