Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Decorations

A couple weeks ago I purchased a wonderful SVG file for a nutcracker at SVG Cuts.

I decided I finally had time to cut all the parts and try them. I figure when cutting, why not cut a few more at the same time. So I cut 6!

As I started to put them together, I realized this was not going to be a 2 hour project. Perhaps if I was putting just one together, 2 hours would be enough time, but not for doing 6.
The hardest part for me is always picking out the papers. I didn't get all 6 done quite yet, but got these four completed last night after cooking Thanksgiving dinner. The video tutorial over at SVG cuts was awesome for helping to line up all the pieces for each nutcracker Boy, are there a lot of pieces but well worth the trouble because I think they turned out cute. The finished size is 12" and therefore, look great on a shelf.

I am giving these to friends as a holiday gift with my cookies during my cookie exchange today. Yup, an annual event of baking cookies with my friend and her family. I try to find a little gifty item to give with my cookies each year we get together. They are crafters as well so I know they will appreciate the time and effort I put into these. I hope they like them.

Have a great day!!


teachdanz said...

wow Barb!! you did a great job :-) and I think your paper choices are fabulous!

Cathy said...

simply amazing!!

Adrian said...

WOW!!! So beautiful!!

Annette said...

Barb, these are awesome. We are definitely in Nutcracker mode at our house (dress rehearsals, etc) and these would make great gifts for the ballet mistress and artisitic director. TFS!

My Mind's Dust Bunnies

Larelyn said...

Wow!Barb, these are absolutely amazing. To look at the pictures, you'd never know they were made of paper. Fantastic!!

Pat N. said...

OMG, OMG! I can't believe these nutcrackers are made from paper. They are absolutely outstanding, Barb, and you did a wonderful job!! Your friend will surely love them!

Sarah said...

Holy smokes...that's all I can say! The ladies are gonna LOVE these!