Thursday, March 1, 2012

An I Spy Challenge!

Hello Blogger friends.
Do you surf the net looking for great inspiration projects like I do. I follow lots of blogs, many of yours in fact that have so many terrific ideas. However, I also do a nightly surf across the net to see what everyone else is doing that I haven't seen before. Boy, there are some really talented folks out there- but you guys know that, right.

Well, a few weeks ago I was surfing step cards and looking to see what different dresser step cards and step card folds/designs there were out there. Somewhere along the way I came across a great design but at the time, did not bookmark it. :(

Since then I  have been searching trying to find it again and have had no success. It is driving me crazy so I am hoping perhaps maybe one of you may have seen it or perhaps you are the designer and can point me in the right directions in hopes to view it once again.

Here is what I remember from the card....

  • It was a side step card- I think even a dresser side step card and included a link to another blog with directions of how to make a step card.
  • It used cricut cuts-
  • The design was a girl in a white dress and veil to look like a bride ( I think perhaps a Cinderella cut from Happily Ever After, but not sure) looking in a mirror
  • Several dresses on hangers behind the mirror - all appear to be from Cricut carts, but not sure
  • I think there were also shoe die cuts as well
  • I remember the blogger mentioning in this post that her sister has a version posted on her blog as well and included a link to it.
  • The sister's step card was very similar except the girl on her step card was wearing a green dress
  • The post referenced the idea of reflecting back- meaning the girl looking in the mirror and seeing her image - I cannot remember if she flipped the image in the mirror or not.
  • Had a link within the post to either a tutorial or blog post with directions to make a step card.

This card was so pretty and I would really like to see it again.
Please post a comment here if you have seen this or know who is the wonderful designer/blog that did this amazing card.

Thanks for the help!


Carol<>< said...

try you tube
side step card
they have a lot there...
hope this helps,
Carol N<><

Annette said...

Barb, I looked yesterday, but couldn't find it either. I wondered if you checked your history to see if a site might be there for the project. Good luck:) I know that can be frustrating.


Lara said...

Please let us know if you ever find it! I also searched without any luck. I'd love to see the card.