Saturday, February 5, 2011

Delta Phi Scrappa - Go Pink!!!

We are just ending our first day of the Delta Phi Scrappa Initiation weekend. All the upperclassman and new pledges arrived with all their totes, scrap supplies and all their pink and black attire, accessories and more. The retreat center turned from a relaxed woodsy decorated room to a vibrant and high energetic scrappin' sorority party. Pledges were greeted with the introductory announcements and then ask to site the sorority pledge followed by the special sorority dance. 

The evening kicked off with a reception fill of classes, make 'n' takes and great food. I met so many great scrappers and felt right at home. I may have to take the plunge and pledge next year. 

Our Creative Memories station saw over 70 scrappers at our make 'n' take table in 3 hours where they could complete an 8x8 page layout for the class picture that is scheduled for tomorrow or I guess that is today since it is 2 am. You can view thier project in my earlier post.

Here are a few pictures of some of the current and soon to be DPS sisters. 

I hope to see them all as new followers- let's cheer them on with encouraging words and well wishes as they become new sisters and Bugbites followers!

 Retreat Center with all the sisters at their work spaces all decked out in pink.
 Check out these freshman looking for extra spirit points.
Could this be the new Delta Phi Scrappa class president??
Make 'n' take at our table. The gals in the back with the beannies on their heads are the new gals pledging and are suppose to wear the beanies all weekend . They also are trying to collect points for completing different tasks. The one with the most points will be named class president.